Graphic Design


There are a lot of great designers out there, but not all of them can make great designs work. We take much pride in our prepress roots, as they enabled us to make designs that are truly portable. Designs must output properly on all channels – from digital to print.

Cartoon Gecko Logo
Harvest Hydroponics Logo Design
Trip'n Ninja Logo
Fish Knockout - Boxing Shark Mascot
Traditional Logo Design for Farmer's Hen House
Dirt Farm Organics Logo - Chicken Illustration
Maria's Noodles Logo - Cartoon woman cooking noodles in a pot.
Logo - KW FlyFishers, Tagline - Extremely Contagious
Digital Mock-Ups

Logo proposals work best when clients can see them in practice. We were approached to build a logo for Brush Audio Modifications. Photoshopping the proposed logo onto a sample guitar pedal not only helped finalized the project, but also helped establish brand colors.

Vector Illustration

This is a cartoon created for our Creative Services Manager’s wife – she bakes us office goodies, and boy are they good.

Hally Pally Monster Mally – A friendly monster illustration created to support a series of bedtime stories.

Angus Pady – Color Genius Extraordinaire. Angus commissioned us to create a cartoon headshot for his Graphic Arts Media articles.

Hartmann Packaging's Hybrid Egg Carton
Hartmann Hybrid Egg Carton - Structural Design, Dieline Creation & Packaging Graphics

Structural Design, Dieline Design, Label Graphics & Pack-Shot on this project. This package won the PPC’s Package of the Year in 2014. Hartmann Packaging makes sustainable moulded fibre egg cartons – a great option for those trying to reach responsible consumers.

Maria's Noodles Logo, Label Graphics and Website
Maria's Noodles - Rebrand, Packaging Graphics & Prepress

We were asked to rebrand this product, create a website and implement a packaging solution for over 50 packages. The initial white label was built to allow quick digital print production while we prepared the final Flexo labels. The final Flexographic label was designed to share 3 common plates, and 1 unique black plate for over 50 different SKUs. This packaging solution cut the prepress time and plate fees immensely. Maria’s Noodles offers many taste noodles, some of which are even gluten free.

Riviera Bakery Cannoli Package
Packaging Graphics & 3D Prototyping

Packaging Graphics and Photo Compositing for Riviera Bakery – If you haven’t tried these Cannoli, then you’re seriously missing out 🙂 Digital Mock-Up made in Adobe Dimensions.

Creative Strategy: Advertising Graphics & Copywriting

Ads need to build awareness, communicate your unique selling point and appeal to your target demographic. True North Cannabis Co (TNCC) approached us for a billboard ad that communicated their competitive pricing model – they were quite pleased with the initial concept.

Design Automation Solutions

Issue:  Product Data Cards & Price Adjustments were causing excessive labour costs.

Proposal:  Use Data Merge tools to Automate the populating process.

Tools:  Cova Inventory Management Software (data dump), Microsoft Excel (csv output), InDesign (template creation, data merge and pdf output).

Outcome:  Cut creation time down from 4 days to 15 min.